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Columbine video

This page summarizes significant Columbine video available, particularly:

​What's Available

Jeffco released several videos of the killers, but they do not appear on the Official Sheriff's Report CD, because they were released much later. All video available is listed and described in the EVIDENCE section. That section also provides instructions for you to obtain your own copies of any of those from Jeffco.

Most or all of the material is online. However, YouTube seems to have implemented a policy of forbidding it, so you will find mostly videos of people talking about it there. Other sites with the actual footage come and go, so I took down my direct links, as they keep going bad. Here are descriptions of two most of the important clips, with suggestions for searching for them.

I initially embedded many great pieces of video on this page, via Youtube, and other sites. However, most get taken down, and the links fail over time. I kept a few good ones at the bottom of the page. They come and go, so google them. (My Columbine book trailer, which gives a good 3-minute thumbnail sketch, is embedded at the bottom.)


Rampart Range

Eric & Dylan went out for target practice with friends several times in the spring of 1999, to an area in the foothills called Rampart Range. Several minutes of one of those sessions was recorded on videotape, March 6. The other friends appearing on the tape are Mark Manes, Phil Duran, and Mark's girfriend Jessica. (This is described in greater depth in "An Emotion of God," chapter 48 of my book,) Eric and Dylan are clearly visible, and the versions I've seen on the web are authentic. Try the search phrase: "columbine video rampart range."


Hitmen for Hire

Eric & Dylan made several video projects for class, including "Hitmen For Hire," where they play hitmen extorting cash from classmates who want protection. These are authentic, but keep in mind that Eric and Dylan are acting and playing characters. These are not their normal personalities. (Segments of Dylan, in particular, are often edited into other material to make him look crazy. He is only playing crazy for the cameras.)


Some other video footage floating out there is not acting — it's from bits the boys shot of their daily life. Note that all of this footage is different from The Basement Tapes. Try the search phrase: "columbine video Hitmen for Hire."

You can also read the Hitmen for Hire business plan, which Eric turned into school.

The Basement Tapes

You cannot view them anywhere, but click for considerable info on The Basement Tapes. If you think you've seen bits of them, those are fakes — or different tapes.

Various Useful clips

Patrick Ireland, looking back:

News footage from a showcase of physical evidence at the school:

News coverage of the decision to release the journals but not The Basement Tapes. It provides a bit of context:

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