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Dylan Klebold's
Vicious story on killing preps

Dylan Klebold submitted this vicious story about killing "preps" to his creative writing class February 7, 1999, just over two months before the Columbine attack. Many of the details come directly from their plan.

Perhaps most interesting is that there is only one killer in the story, who seems a lot more like Eric than Dylan. Dylan narrates the story from the point of view of a bystander, watching the very confident killer from the sidelines. He (the narrator) is enthralled.

The descriptions of how he feels at the end are quite telling, describing the face of God.

The hand-written comments are from Dylan's English teacher, Judith Kelly. I included scans of both pages in the new expanded edition of Columbine.

Dylan Klebold Preps Creative Writing story p. 1 Columbine
Dylan Klebold Preps Creative Writing story p. 2 Columbine
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