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The Guns
The Columbine Attack

Columbine was intended primarily as a bombing, but the main bombs all failed. So the secondary weaponry of the guns became the main event. Eric Harris and Dylan each carried two big guns: a semi-automatic rifle, and a sawed-off shotgun.

Here are photos of all four, as well as the elaborate knives they toted. All photos were released by the Jeffco Sheriff's Department. I also included a screenshot from the Jeffco report showing how many rounds each killer shot, with each gun. Descriptions appear above each photo.

Dylan klebold's double-barreled shotgun:

Dylan Klebold's double-barreled shotgun, Columbine guns

Dylan klebold's TEC-9 semi-automatic:

Dylan Klebold's TEC-9 semi-automatic gun Columbine

Eric Harris' pump-action shotgun:

Eric Harris' pump-action shotgun, Columbine guns

Eric Harris'rifle:

Eric Harris' rifle, Columbine gun

Shots fired by each killer from each gun:

Shots fired Eric Harris Dylan Klebold Columbine chart

Elaborate knives (which never came into play):

Columbine knives, switchblade Eric Harris Dylan Klebold, weapons
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