Crime Scene Photos
The Columbine Attack

Most of these crime scene photos were released by the Jeffco Sheriff's Department. Sorry about the resolution — that's what they provided. Resolution is worse on the screen captures I took from several videos.

Warning: these may be jarring, if you're a survivor. But I have not posted any bloody photos of victims. You'll have to go elsewhere if you want the gore. Contrast these to my Columbine High Ten Years Later page.


Explanations appear below the photos, in three sections:

The Columbine library

Damage to the library.

From video surveying damage to the library.

The library.

Library table adjacent to Dylan and Eric' suicides. The burns are from the Molotov cocktail they set there moments before their suicides, which blew just after their deaths.

Taking measurements inside the library.

The Columbine Cafeteria

Cafeteria (from video).

Cafeteria. Shows the small area of fire damage from the Molotov cocktail Dylan hurled at the big bombs trying to detonate them.

The staircase in the commons (cafeteria), where hundreds fled from the cafeteria. You're looking at just one side of the staircase. That railing on the right of the photo runs down the center of it.

West Entrance & Exterior

Evidence markers just inside the West Entrance the killers shot up. This is where they entered the school. (From there, it was a quick turn, and then down the hallway to the library.) Yellow evidence markers indicate every bullet hole, fragment, etc.

View from just outside the same West entrance as above. (There was a small vestibule, with glass doors on either side of it, so these door were 5-10 feet from the doors right above.) I use the past tense, because this small section of the school, and the stairs outside the entrance were reconfigured during the renovation after the attack. You can see the current West Entrance here, on my Columbine 10 Years Later page.


Note all the evidence markers, indicating every round, fragment, etc.

The boarded-up library windows, which were blown out by gunfire and explosives. (The library is on the second floor here, the cafeteria directly below it.)


Origin story

Columbine book, Parkland, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold


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