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Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold

I spent ten years scouring the Columbine coverage, and immersed in it with the other local and national reporters on the story. These are far and away the best profiles/biographies of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold I encountered in that time. The first is truly a standout, and Lynn Bartels was one of the best reporters on the story, who I actually trusted enough to turn to for help vetting some of the book. Alan Prendergast provides a thorough, textured portrait.


These were published in the first few months after the attack, so they don't include key insights we learned much later from The Basement Tapes, Eric and Dylan's journals, etc. (Those were months and years away from being released.) But they are excellent as backgrounds on Eric and Dylan.

  • Jefferson County Sheriff's Report: Of course this is not a journalistic account, but this section of the official report does a nice, concise job of conveying a lot of crucial information about Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris.

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