Nazi Culture
Eric Harris School Essay

Eric Harris wrote several school essays which are enlightening post-Columbine. Eric's research paper on Nazi Culture stands out. In retrospect, it is clear how much he admires them, particularly their efficiency, and ability to actually carry out their ghoulish fantasies.


Eric also cleverly uses the Nazis to mask his own fantasies, like filling a stadium full of bodies in the opening paragraph. That has nothing to do with Nazis, but it sounds to a reader like it could. From Eric's journal, it's clear in retrospect how much he enjoyed this sort of hiding in plain site: revealing his deadly fantasies, and reveling in them right in the open in a school assignment, but using the Nazis as cover. This essay is filled with those.

Here is the full essay, with Eric's sources at the end. It is followed by a revealing 1-page mini essay Eric separately wrote about "Himmler's masterstroke." That is primarily an extended Himmler quote on the absolute for the SS man, which Eric seems to relish.

Nazi Culture

"Himmler's Master Stroke"

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"Like Capote's In Cold Blood, this tour de force gets below the who and what of a horrifying incident to lay bare the devastating why."

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