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Journals / Writing
of Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold

I gathered the most revealing writing and drawings Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold left to explain themselves, and uploaded scans of them in this section.


This page is sort of a table of contents to them, and I included a snatch from each here, which are highly representative. They instantly illustrate how radically different Dylan and Eric were, and how divergent their motives. But the links below will take you to their complete journals, and much more. I am continuing to add new items. Highlights:

Dylan Klebold

Dylan Klebold journal Existences, Columbine hearts 'I Iove you'

Eric Harris

I also created a unit on psychopathy at the (free)

Columbine Teacher's Guide, which may be helpful.

Eric Harris journal Kill Mankind Napalm tank Columbine
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