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Pulitzer-Winning Photos

The Rocky Mountain News had an exceptionally-talented photo staff, and they captured so many sides of the tragedy, with most of the memorable and iconic photos. I'm really amazed that of all the photos that most affected, me nearly all came from that small group of people.

The pictures used to be available on the Rocky site, but since they went bankrupt, they are hard to find in one place. But the Rocky deservedly won the 2000 Pulitzer for Breaking News Photography, so all 20 winning photos are all collected at the Pulitzer site here.

I would love to post them all, but don't want to rip them off, so here is a taste. I encourage you to visit the site to see all 20 (you can click on each there to see it unblurred, and full size). They are powerful. 

Columbine Pulitzer-winning photos Rocky Mountain News clutched face
Columbine Pulitzer-winning photos Rocky Mountain News 15 crosses, Rebel Hill
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