Eric Harris'
Drawings, Charts, Etc.

These are samples of the material Eric Harris sketched out in the back of his journal. I included explanations beneath several, because there is a lot more going on than you would realize if you're new to Eric Harris.

Eric Harris journal drawing, Columbine gear napalm

Notice the level of detail, with small items labeled "ABC," and "DEF"--those are detailed in later sketches. The tank  for his back is labeled "napalm." Eric Harris envisioned wearing flame-throwers, which he hoped to create in time for the attack. On the Basement Tapes, he talks about watching kids run around like lit candles. 

Eric Harris journal napalm tests, Columbine

Here, Eric Harris documented several attempts cooking up batches of napalm, but could not get it to work. The cops redacted most of that page, but you can see Eric's commentaries on the batches to the right.

Eric Harris journal: budget 'Shit Left To Do', Columbine

There's a lot going on here. Up top is a sort of combination budget and To Do List, with Have and Need columns. Eric crossed off items as he accomplished them. Midway down on the right is a list of "Shit left to do at 3/22/99," just under a month out.

Eric Harris journal drawing: Columbine cafeteria body count

This is Eric's fairly detailed drawing of the cafeteria, indicating the placement of every table, as well as windows, exits and the pillars. Most significant is the information along the left side. Here is where Eric inventoried the number of people in the cafeteria every few minutes, to determine the optimal time to set the bombs to explode for maximum human casualties.

Eric Harris pipe bomb production chart, Columbine
Eric Harris journal bunker, Columbine
Eric Harris journal drawing detailed explosives, Columbine

Very detailed drawings for some of Eric's explosives. More in the following page.

Eric Harris journal drawing explosives, Columbine
Eric Harris journal cafeteria drawing, Columbine
Eric Harris journal Doom drawing, Columbine
Eric Harris journal Doom drawings-Columbine
Eric Harris journal drawings, Columbine
Eric Harris journal Doom drawings Columbine
Eric Harris journal swastika drawing, Columbine
Eric Harris journal drawings Columbine

This chart records Eric's pipe-bomb production. Crickets were his term for mini pipe bombs, and then he labels each batch. (I found it slightly amusing that he thinks he's adopting badass military jargon, but gets the second one wrong: it should be Bravo, not Beta.)

The fifth column is the most useful, indicating how many he made of each batch on each date. (It's interesting to compare to what he was writing in his journal and day-timer at those times, and what his Diversion counselor was saying about him.)


Notice how "excellent" he rates his work. Above the chart are running ammo counts for each gun, including deductions for rounds he used.