Dylan Klebold
Yearbook writing & Drawing

This is what Dylan Klebold wrote and drew in Eric Harris' 1998 yearbook, a full year before Columbine, with key elements of the attack already planned, including the month and the location in the commons (cafeteria).

Many of the phrases and ideas here come up repeatedly in Dylan's journal. Reading them with his journal provides some context. For example Dylan is all bravado here, because it's for Eric's consumption. Privately, he is very meek and self-conscious, and only chest-thumps like this for brief flashes. In the journal, those bursts are typically followed by confessions that he doesn't buy a word of it, and he returns to disparaging himself.

Note: The first page appears cut off. It's not.  Jeffco only scanned the half Dylan had written on.

Origin story

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"Like Capote's In Cold Blood, this tour de force gets below the who and what of a horrifying incident to lay bare the devastating why."

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