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Sue Klebold's TED talk on Dylan Klebold

Sue Klebold Columbine TED talks

Sue Klebold has posted a TED talk on her son Dylan Klebold's tragic murder-suicide. I just watched. Really brave. Really powerful. And less painful to watch than I expected--at least for me. It was actually a relief because the emotional distance she has gone just in the past year--since she did the first round of interviews--is so palpable.

Who knows if she feels that way every day, but she comes across so much more at peace with it now, which put me at more peace. It's always there, always will be, always horrible, but it feels now that she's far enough to examine it closely and thoughtfully, and . . . this feels like an odd word, but elegantly.

The video is also really informative, in a short space. Sue Klebold is a very bright woman, who has studied murder-suicide very deeply and listened and thought hard about this. She has a lot to say. I highly recommend it.

I also posted to Facebook and got moving responses from readers. I've been very impressed by Sue, so that's not a surprise. She is disarmingly candid, intelligent and sincere.

A quote: "The stubborn belief that we are somehow different, that someone we love would never think of hurting themselves or someone else, can cause us to miss what's hidden in plain sight."

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